Whats do Google trends tell us about sustainable building in the UK?

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I found Google insights today and wondered what it tells us about the current trends in UK sustainable building, if anything?

Firstly, out of the voluntary standards in sustainable construction: Code for Sustainable Homes and Passivhaus – which is getting more interest? I’ve also added Zero Carbon Homes into the mix. These are the results:

It’s quite clear that Code has still got the edge in Google search terms, but equally Passivhaus is gaining interest quickly. Although you could argue they are not really comparable as Code covers a range of sustainability issues, whilst Passivhaus is a much more rigorous comfort and energy standard. The above chart is live, so it will be interesting to see how it changes over time.

Also interesting is how much interest feed in tariff is generating (please excuse the pun):

And how various renewable energy options compare to insulation:

The above graph shows insulation is still generating much more interest than any of the obvious renewable options, which is good news for those of us who believe in improving a building’s fabric before bolting on renewables. However, solar panels do look they are gaining in interest quickly – perhaps due to the feed in tariff. Interestingly you can see that interest in insulation is seasonal, with clear winter peaks. Google also tells us that most people are searching for wall insulation, loft insulation and cavity insulation. The biggest growth in insulation search terms relates to grants.

If anyone can think of any others I could add – please drop me an email at john@peterwarm.co.uk