Week 8 – Windows start to go in!

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Rationel windows

Our lovely new triple glazed windows arrived this week, for both the office and the shop underneath. They are super heavy – the windows for the shop come in at 220kg each!

The windows are Rationel AuraPlus and were kindly donated.  They complement our choice of a window that can take a triple glazed window at a reasonable price. They aren’t Passivhaus certified but they are fine for our climate.window wk 8 rs



The old windows from the flat will be taken out and then for each new window a plywood box needs to be constructed, using both glue and screws. This box is then inserted into the window space, to hang out from the wall the depth of the new window, and is screwed into the blockwork.

External view window boxing 2 rs





The team will make each box as they go, and hope to get the upstairs windows done in about a week. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result!