Week 18: Wrapping Up with Insulation

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Week 18: Wrapping Up with Insulation

This post was begun by Emma, enhanced by Liam and beefed up by Sally.

The external insulation blocks have gone up really smoothly and the building is almost all covered now. At floor height an XPS (extruded polystyrene) block is used.

A key piece of the whole build is yet to be put in: the MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery unit). This has been ordered and holes have been made in the wall to accommodate the intake and exhaust ducts.

Preparing to move in

Inside, the decoration is coming along and a usable office space is taking shape. Our moving in date is booked – we’ll be moving in here at the beginning of next week! It won’t be quite finished but it will definitely be a working space, and it’ll be really interesting to be on site as the last works are completed.

The low energy approach isn’t limited to the outside of the building; Pete has put in some clever wiring that means that individual desks can be turned off at one switch, and further master switches which allows us to leave the bare minimum on when we leave.

Watch this space to find out how it all goes and get more details about the final works! I’m hoping to continue to share our experiences with you as we get used to working in an EnerPHit space.

DSCN2015shrunkThe front of the building showing the graphite EPS insulation, with the purple XPS insulation at ground level.  This will all be rendered and then the scaffolding can come down.