Week 14: Good news! A great air test result

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Week 14: Good news! A great air test result

On Tuesday night Alex ran another fan test, after he and Robbie had been spending the previous days finishing off the last airtightness details – well, fingers were firmly crossed that all the last leaks had been found. And…we’ve done it….a depressurisation result of 0.67 ach at 50Pa! A similar result of 0.69 for pressurisation adds confidence to the construction.

What is really interesting is that this last test is significantly better than the previous ones because we opened up an old sealed up door between the office and shop, so that all the leaks between the two were now non-existent.

It’s brilliant news and a real pat on the back for the team after their hard work of the last few weeks. It means now that work can move on, getting the second fix joinery completed and the last bits of plastering done before the decorators can move in and the build team can move out and start on the external insulation.

Lessons learnt?

Alex ran this air test himself, having really come along on the Passivhaus journey as the build has progressed, and I asked him if there had been any surprises or difficulties for him.

The main thing he’d learnt, he said, was not to spend ages looking for leaks that weren’t there! His relative inexperience with using the equipment meant it had taken a while to get it working accurately, and during this time they had been assuming there were air leaks which they had been actively searching for, when in reality it was just a matter of getting to grips with the kit.

All in all, I think it’s really encouraging to see that the team are enthusiastic about picking up the skills needed for quality low energy building work, and I hope it sends a positive message to the UK building industry.

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The outside of the office, week 14: you can see the new shop windows at the front of the building.