Week 13: Finishing off windows and airtightness

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Week 13: Finishing off windows and airtightness

Spirits are high following the encouragement of Friday’s air test results and with the help of the summer sunshine flooding into the building. “It was brilliant, really encouraging to get those results” says Alex. Now the team can start finalising last details of airtightness and finishing off the windows.

At this stage, work is concentrating on finishing all the small bits and pieces before moving on to the external insulation – checking for airtightness, finishing off window reveals and boxing, patching up render and finishing plastering.

Looking for air tightness details

stairs airtight rsAs Liam pointed out in his last post, once the major areas of air movement have been identified and dealt with, you start to find the smaller leaks and problems that were overlooked before. For instance, it became apparent that lots of air was coming up through the stairs from the shop – more judicious use of the Knauf airtightness tape should have put that right now.

The last window for upstairs has finally arrived and been installed, so hopefully there will be no more leaks from here either. We chose this window so that we were able to showcase different suppliers and products – this is a Passivhaus-certified PVC window from Munster.

The shop gets new windows

The team have also managed to get those massive new shop windows installed downstairs. They look really good and with their red frames tie in with the existing shop décor.

Now they’re in, the plan is to do another fan test tomorrow, this time testing the building as a whole for the first time. The shop floor is not insulated yet, but as it’s concrete there shouldn’t be any leaks or impact on airtightness.

Fingers crossed this air test goes well!