Week 12: A Lot to Cheer About!

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Here’s some great news: we managed a depressurisation air tightness of 0.89 air changes per hour late in the afternoon on Friday!

Most of the day had been spent trying to make some remaining aspects of the fabric as airtight as we possibly could.  These efforts focussed primarily on the windows, where we used an airtightness tape specially designed for sealing around windows, and combined this with an airtight adhesive where we wanted to guarantee a good bond to the irregular surface of the render.

Once the fan was in place in the doorway, we depressurised the building to around 50 Pa, in order that we could identify and seal up any remaining leaks before carrying out the air test itself.  Some leaks that would previously have been dwarfed in magnitude by more significant breaches in the fabric now seemed very obvious indeed, and so we spent some time carefully sealing up tiny voids, gaps and cracks.

Once we were satisfied with our work with the sealant, we did a depressurisation test and sent the list of figures over to Pete, who had been working elsewhere on the day.  He plugged the figures into our air change calculator and let us know the good news!

There is no guarantee that the figure of 0.89 won’t increase slightly as more works are carried out, and we’ve not done a pressurisation test at this stage, but this is an indication that we are achieving the level of airtightness that we’ve been aiming for all this time, and has been enormously encouraging for the team.

Bravo, everyone!

sealing the window rs

Photo 1: Sealing the window installations with air tightness tape








external sealing rs

Photo 2: A newly-finished airtight window installation