Thermal Bridge Analysis

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WARM can advise on thermal bridging for PHPP and SAP assessment, and complete calculations. Our extensive experience means that we can often minimise the number of calculations (and expense) required to achieve the best overall result.

If you wish to understand thermal bridging more yourself, or even wish to do the calculations, CarbonLite offers online and classroom-based courses.

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The analysis and avoidance of Thermal Bridging is essential in Passivhaus assessments, although calculations can usually be avoided by inspection of junctions and using a rule of thumb.

SAP and Part L

To reduce the thermal bridging impact in SAP assessments either accredited details must be used or calculations performed. The improvement in the SAP result for good designs can be substantial, saving in fabric specification and renewables elsewhere.

WARM can complete a Thermal Bridging review to identify whether it is worth completing calculations, and which calculations will yield the best results.