Staff training WARM style 8… Room with a view…

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Staff training WARM style 8… Room with a view…

My last blog took us up to early September (almost as behind on my blogs as we are on finishing the office).  If you cast you minds back (or just read the previous blog), we had just finished the roof and had installed the sheep’s wool and wood fibre insulation on the north and west elevations. At this point we realised that we couldn’t continue until we had installed the window and door.

I hummed and ha’d a lot about what window and door to get.  In the end we opted for a good quality double glazed PVC window & door from Rehau  (the cheap, impulse buy, B&Q door was duly returned). The final decision was mainly down to cost, but also we thought that in the damp environment of Devon, PVC would be lower maintenance. As we are not meeting Passivhaus standards of wall insulation it wouldn’t have been cost effective to get a triple glazed door, we would have been better spending the money on thicker walls.

The bad news – the door & window had a 4 week lead time. The good news – some free weekends!

Oh the things you can do when you aren’t spending every weekend trying to build an office …

Room with a window 1

The window & door finally arrived in early October, just as Rowan disappeared to Zambia for a couple of weeks to look for some Love Birds… Maybe we could finish the office while he was away??

Or maybe not… we did however manage to install the door, not an easy task with no instructions. However Mike assured me that he had ‘once fitted a door’ and so was therefore immediately promoted to door installation expert.

Rowan came back and although he was deeply disappointed that the whole thing hadn’t been completed in his absence, Mike soon impressed him with his amazing window installing expertise and Rowan soon cheered up.

Room with a window 2 Room with a window 3

And by early November, with a bit of extra help from our family celebrity (Professor Graham Martin), we finally had a fully insulated sealed building.

Just cladding & electrics to go …

Room with a window 4 Room with a window 5

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