Staff training WARM style 7… Feeling a bit Sheepish

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Staff training WARM style 7… Feeling a bit Sheepish


It may not have the best u-value in the world but I do like sheep’s wool, partly because it means you can get the whole family involved. 


Feeling a bit sheepish 1

We have now completed two sides of the office, apart from the final cladding.

We slightly compressed the sheep’s wool in the panels to ensure that there were no air gaps between the sheep’s wool and the wood fibre. This slightly reduces the performance of the sheep’s wool as it increases its density but is preferable to having large air gaps.

Feeling a bit sheepish 2



The sheep’s wool and wood fibre were very easy to work with. I was expecting much hilarity with large rolls of sheep’s wool falling on top of people but I was pleasantly surprised with how easily it stayed in the wall panels just by friction. No pulling the wool over our eyes… hahaha.


We used these funky thermally broken fixings that attach through both the sarking and woodfibre layers and had little marsh mallow shaped bungs to cover the screw head. Only watch it was don’t put the bungs in until you are sure the fixing is in correctly as it was difficult to get the bungs out without damaging them. 

Feeling a bit sheepish 3

We decided that before we do any more insulating, the next job is to get the window and door installed…

Feeling a bit sheepish 4Feeling a bit sheepish 5


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