Staff training WARM style 5 … You’ve been framed

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Staff training WARM style 5 … You’ve been framed

You’ve been framed


I’m not sure how, but as I was running around giving instructions, making cups of tea, and trying to keep tabs on my toddler, this happened…

framed 1

framed 2

I only got concerned once, when I saw Mike and Pete heading towards the panels with lump hammer and pick axe… but apparently that was all part of the levelling process. I opted for no ring beams on the grounds that, in a bid to save waste material, I was using the full height of OSB panels for the walls, which meant the space was already quite tall (2.4m). This was a good decision on that account, but it meant that the panels had to be levelled individually, a time consuming task that apparently required the use of pick axe and lump hammer.

framed 3

After lots of anguish over fixings I opted for self-tapping screws, these being easier to take out than nails, if we ever dismantle it. At one stage I considered coach bolts but after putting the screws in we felt the structure was secure enough without them.

framed 4

A well-earned tea break.

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