Staff training WARM style 12 – Finishing touches…

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Staff training WARM style 12 – Finishing touches…

 The sun is shining, the pigs have cleared the brambles and the mud has solidified. No more excuses, it’s time to finish the outside.

Fortunately the wood fibre insulation was still OK after 5 months despite the recommendations of only leaving it exposed for 2.



So in pictures, here we are doing the last bits of wood cladding, fascia and the external reveals around the window and door back in April.

finishing touches 1

Ales and Rowan finishing the wood cladding on the south.

finishing touches 2

Ales & Rowan finishing the East elevation with a helping hand from Amber.

finishing touches 3

The window before installing the external reveals

finishing touches 4

June 2014  – from a clearing in the woods

finishing touches 5

June 2015 – Thanks to the pigs clearing efforts it’s not quite the hidden away location we originally envisaged, but the undergrowth is making a comeback. 

1 year from when we started clearing the ground, we finally completed our project. I guess that original 6 week programme I had was a little ambitious!

Still to come:

  • Air tightness results
  •   Cost analysis
  •    Post-occupancy monitoring

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