Staff training WARM style 11 – Moving in…

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Staff training WARM style 11 – Moving in…

While we were waiting for the electrics to be installed we spent a few cold, dark winter evenings up at the office doing some of the finishing touches to the interior.

moving in 1

Taping up the roof joints with Tescon tape. This was then covered with a beam so was not on show.

We spent a few evenings covering the joins between the panels with air tightness tape. We used two different brands, the first was Tescon no 1 tape left over from the Enerphit retrofit of the WARM office, this was very flexible and nice to work with.

The second brand was a UdiSTEAM Tex Tape which came from the same company that we bought the wood fibre insulation from. It was much thicker and less flexible, and therefore less easy to work with, than the Tescon tape and the glue tended to remain on the edges and stick to things but was cheaper than the Tescon Tape. We liked the black finish.

moving in 2

 Ingrid concentrating very hard trying not to get stuck to the air tightness Tex tape.


After we had finished the air tightness taping we painted the ceiling white to improve the lighting levels (we left the OSB walls as they are, they give off a warm golden glow when the sun shines on them). We used left over white gloss paint donated to us by helpful friends. As we painted we were very much enjoying listening to nineties trance music and feeling quite light headed, until we remembered that we were in an extremely air tight space and opened the window and door.

moving in 3

So just in time for Christmas we had a useable office! And on the 5th January 2015 Rowan moved in.


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