Staff training WARM Style 3: … Dud studs

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Staff training WARM Style 3: … Dud studs

After some careful calculations and lots of confusion with the various different lengths that panels and studs seem to come in (why are OSB3 panels 2440mm long whereas OSB2 panels are 2400mm long?). I finally placed an order for 73 no. 89mm x 2400mm long timber studs and 18 no. 2440mm x 1220mm OSB3 panels. I opted for OSB3 rather than OSB2 because surprisingly OSB3 uses more environmentally friendly glues.

I left for work on delivery day leaving strict instructions with Rowan to check the order when it arrived. As instructed he conscientiously counted all the items and checked for damage (incidentally 3 panels we’re unusable due to carelessness of packing buy delivery people, no wonder there is so much waste in the building industry!).

And so the WARM team all rolled up on a Sunny Saturday morning and we built the frames.

Studs 1

Studs 2

It wasn’t until the last frame was carefully finished and stacked on the pile that we realised Wickes had delivered the wrong sized studs…

Studs 3

So back to the drawing board to achieve our u-values…

New panel build up is to be:

18mm OSB – 1220mm x 2440mm framed with 38mm x 63mm deep studs.

75mm sheeps wool compressed into 63mm deep panels

20mm wood fibre board

22mm woodfibre sarking board


XPS national shortage

The UK has run out of XPS insulation and I think we may be partly responsible.

Last week I paid a site visit to one of our Jobs; Leicester University medical building.  They are busy constructing the basements which are completely lined externally with XPS insulation…and look great.

Unfortunately this means that I need to rethink my design again.

I came across a possible alternative at the AECB conference – cork!

One of the samples was a 150mm thick slab of cork. I quite like the concept of having an office built on cork. The folk on the marketing stall seemed to think I was slightly mad when I asked for the cost of a 200mm slab of cork. Suffice to say it was a lot, and the time scale for delivery was a bit too long… so  the final solution looks to be two sheets of 100mm thick EPS, which I can buy off the shelf from B&Q. Not quite as elegant as XPS or cork, but it will have to do. Performance wise the EPS isn’t as effective as XPS if it gets wet but with our design the EPS will actually be above ground resting on the tyres so the likelihood of it getting saturated is low.


A family outing to B&Q


Studs 4

The forecast was rain, a perfect day then to go to B&Q. The forecasters were wrong, it was a beautiful sunny day… a terrible day to spend in B&Q and we did spend the whole day there… 2 hrs of which were spent entertaining a 1 year old while Rowan used the fancy self van hire system to deliver all the goodies home. To make matters worse, a week later we got a £100 parking fine for staying in their car park more than 3 hours. Obviously most people are a little more decisive than us…


So after a bit of confusion with B&Q staff, who couldn’t quite cope with the concept of a female with one year old on hip ordering large quantities of building materials and asking difficult questions about insulation, we are now proud owners of:

  • 6 sheets of 100mm EPS
  • 8 Sheets of Coroline roofing
  • A cheap PVC glazed door (might swap this for a better one once we have calmed down from our shopping frenzy)
  • 52 paving slabs
  • £100 parking fine (you’ll be pleased to know that they later waived this)


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