Schools near certification

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012 in news | Comments Off on Schools near certification

Bushbury, Oakmeadow & Montgomery primary schools are now occupied and going through the final checks before we award Passivhaus Certification.  We’re aiming to certify all three on the same date to avoid competition between the three which could undermine the incredible commitment the design & construction teams have given over the last couple of years to bring these schools into fruition.

This is the first time we’ve certified a school and it’s certainly been a learning process – we’ve worked with the Passivhaus Institut to give us a guiding hand, but in many cases (such as how to consider the heat loss of the kitchen) the UK is a special case and there was very little previous work to go on.  We’re looking forward to comparing our estimates with the results from the real buildings (we think!)

Just a few more weeks then time to celebrate!