Passivhaus and low energy building links

General Passivhaus and Low Energy Building Links – Passivhaus Training website. Go here if you are interested in becoming a Certified Passivhaus Designer/Consultant, or in other low energy building design training.– Passivhaus Insititut, Germany.  Use google translate (or similar) and view the page in German, the English pages are very restrictive! There is a wealth of information on this site but it’s very badly laid out so takes some hunting – The AECB forum is particularly good.  Additionally AECB members can download the gold and silver design guidance which has got lots of examples of ‘thermally coherent’ details. – A wiki style website written by the Passivhaus institut. – UK based organisation aimed at brining all those interested in Passivhaus together.  If you are a member of this you are also automatically a member of iPHA (see below) – international Passivhaus association – Dr Wolfgang Feist interview Centre for the Built Environment, Leeds Met. Loads of great information on energy consumption in buildings

Blogs– life in a Passivhaus (Denby Dale) – some Passivhaus products map of some Passivhaus projects, note lots are missing!! – Scottish ph build blog!/3162868.article & Denby Dale building diaries/video – Passivhaus refurb blog -Adam Dadeby’s blog about his Passivhaus refurbishment