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  Additional Shading Sheet v2.1.0
» 1.7 MiB - 1,879 hits - added: September 10, 2018
An add-in sheet for PHPP 9, which allows you to easily model shading objects that are discontinuous and/or which have transparency. These include trees, tower blocks, brise-soleils, juliet balconies and plant-on glazing bars.

  How to Enter Multiple Compact Units in One PHPP
» 97.0 KiB - 9,362 hits - added: January 27, 2017
Shows you how to enter multiple compact units in one PHPP.

  Intake Location Calculation
» 314.9 KiB - 1,931 hits - added: April 23, 2018
On many projects we need to decide how close we can locate an air intake to a polluting exhaust or boiler flue. This workbook is for calculating the minimum recommended distances between intake and exhaust openings and boiler flues using the equation provided in ‘Annex A of BS EN 13779 Ventilation for non-residential buildings-Performance requirements for ventilation and room-conditioning systems’. Note that this calculation does not take into account directional louvres.

  PHPP analysis - compare two PHPPs
» 40.0 KiB - 2,678 hits - added: November 27, 2012
A tool for comparing the outputs of different PHPP sheets that are both open. V8 and V9 now supported.

  PHPP WARM Results Sheet v6.07
» 204.2 KiB - 5,625 hits - added: June 24, 2011
A graphical results sheet that can be added to any v8 or v9 PHPP.

  SEDBUK conversion of boiler efficiencies from GROSS to NET for use in PHPP
» 22.5 KiB - 5,050 hits - added: October 4, 2011
SEDBUK conversion of boiler efficiencies from GROSS to NET for use in PHPP

  Shape Tool
» 365.5 KiB - 2,589 hits - added: May 13, 2016
The Shape tool doesn't reflect the changes in internal gains within calculations on PHPP9, but still generally applicable.

  Ventilation Commissioning Guidance and Design/Commissioning Worksheet
» 112.0 KiB - 6,219 hits - added: July 21, 2014
As Sally's presentation at the PHI conference 2106: An updated Final Protocol Worksheet and Commissioning Instructions. These are based on the difficulties we have found with ventilation systems in the the UK, and make specific suggestions about how the commissioning process should be carried out, including: *the ability to declare the system "un-commissionable" if noise and airflow measurements cannot find acceptable values *the list of suitable types of anemometers for various measurements *Noise estimation for high background noise sites. *Testing where duct leakage needs to be established.

  WARM U-Value Corrections Calculator v1.0.0
» 70.9 KiB - 2,177 hits - added: March 17, 2017
Calculates corrections for insulation moisture uptake in inverted roofs and for metal fixings passing through the insulation layer.

  Window Comparison Sheet
» 18.6 KiB - 1,646 hits - added: June 7, 2017
An add-in sheet for the PHPP. When you are comparing the impact on your PHPP of windows/doors from different manufacturers, use this sheet to save you from copying and pasting new specifications into the Components sheet every time you wish to switch to a different window manufacturer. Simply use the drop-down box in this sheet instead.