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  Buying an Eco-House?
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What to ask for if you are thinking about buying a eco/green/low energy building.

  Glazing Frame Evidence Required for Passivhaus
» 140.8 KiB - 2,667 hits - added: August 15, 2016
Glazing and frame evidence required for certification of Passivhaus buildings. Window suppliers, please upload the requested reports to your website for download.

  Glazing Frame Specifications for Passivhaus
» 87.0 KiB - 2,396 hits - added: August 15, 2016
Sheet for window manufacturers to provide glazing and frame specifications. Also denotes the evidence requirements for these specifications.

  Housing Association Air Test Report
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Report on housing association existing stock, showing air tightness before and after installation of external insulation.

  WARM Certification Quote Request Form V104
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If you would like a quote for Passivhaus certification of a residential project please fill out this form and return it to us, together with the drawings of the project.