POE: Energy Benchmarks and Targets

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This post is part of a series on post occupancy evaluation (POE). Click here for the main article.

An energy benchmark provides a reference level of energy consumption, against which other buildings can be compared. An energy target provides a minimum aspirational level of energy consumption.

Benchmarks are ideally based on data from a sample of real buildings and can be used to compare buildings in use (e.g. the low energy buildings database: http://www.lowenergybuildings.org.uk/).  Targets, on the other hand, are usually calculated from computer simulation or mathematical models and can be used to compare building designs (e.g. PHPP, SAP).  There is not much ‘in use’ benchmark data available worldwide as it is difficult and expensive to collect.

To address this lack of data we have decided to collect data on a number of projects that we have been involved with over the last few years.

In Passivhaus we normalise all data based on floor area.  This means that the energy limits do not reflect the number of occupants in the dwelling.