PHPP WARM Results Sheet v6.06 Released

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PHPP WARM Results Sheet v6.06 Released

Dear all,

Version 6.06 of our results sheet has just been released – now with added goodness!
Click to download:

  PHPP WARM Results Sheet v6.07 (204.2 KiB, 5,627 hits)

The biggest update is a button that automates the process of recording the current PHPP results in the “revision history” table. The sheet is also now compatible with PHPP 9.6.

Important note: the button uses a macro to do its magic. Therefore, it will only work if the PHPP you are using is saved as a macro-enabled spreadsheet (.xlsm). However, you can still use the results sheet in a PHPP saved as .xlsx, it’s just that the button won’t do anything and you will have to copy and paste results manually.

Full instructions on how to insert the sheet into your PHPP, and how to use it, are in the sheet itself.

Compatible with all versions of PHPP 8 and 9, up to PHPP 9.6.