What’s EnerPHit?

EnerPHit: the Passivhaus retrofit standard

We hope that the office on completion will meet the EnerPHit standard, the certified energy retrofit standard developed by the Passivhaus Institut. EnerPHit maintains the same quality assurance but recognises the complexities of refurbishing existing buildings to the Passivhaus standard, making allowances for the likelihood of thermal bridging and other issues.

Criteria                                    Passivhaus Standard               EnerPHit Standard

Space Heat Demand               15 kWh/m2/a                          25 kWh/m2/a

Air tightness                            Below 0.6 ach                         Below 1.0 ach


Find out more about the EnerPHit standard here

If the 25 kWh/m2/a maximum space heat demand cannot be achieved, there is also an alternative route to achieving EnerPHit using an elemental approach, which requires the use of PHI-certified individual components for the build.