Ford Close Review

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After 4 years of involvement Ford Close in St Ive, Cornwall has finally been completed and certified.  This was our first scheme and so its a very proud moment for us. There was a desire from the client, design team and planners to create something bespoke and interesting, not the easiest when we also were keen for a simple form.  This result: thermal and aesthetic forms were disengaged (see right) with a simple thermal envelope and then pitched roofs, overhangs, balconies and porches added on top.  This simplicity made it easier to achieve low airtightness and minimal thermal bridging when we got down to the details.Over this winter we also undertook a co-heating test which showed very clear relationship between the actual and predicted heating energy requirements.  Here it is shown against a number of projects undertaken by the Centre of the Built Environment at Leeds Metropolitan University. Details of the specific projects can be obtained from Leeds Met.  Ford Close (blue) has the closest relationship of any of the measured buildings, phew!

 We have started monitoring the energy usage (all electric heating so critical) so will report on how we get on.  Looking forward we want to help the residents use the ventilation systems more effectively, and then ultimately to do a follow up project with a much tighter budget – we think we can deliver a zero extra cost PH social housing development, let us know if you’re interested!