Detailed Design

Our strength lies in our ability to comment on the practical build-ability as well as energy performance of your construction.

Our detailed modelling of your construction using Passivhaus planning software (PHPP) allows the impact of each minute change to the building design or specification to be calculated. Because PHPP is much better at predicting the actual energy consumption of low energy buildings these calculations allow the client to make informed decisions with confidence.  In addition we also offer:

  • fine tuning of building element design and specification to ensure you get the best out of the building, and it will perform in practice
  • thermal assessment of construction details to assess any thermal bridges and minimise their impact
  • provide performance specification for the building services. Although we do not usually provide detailed services design this ensures the low energy concepts worked through from the outset are maintained in the finished design.
  • with our associate, Paul Jennings we also offer airtightness design advice. This ensures the site team have the best chance of delivering an airtight construction.