Design – Passivhaus

Pete and Salli

We are working as energy consultants on a huge range of Passivhaus and low energy developments from large scale commercial to self-build; our collective experience is unrivalled in the UK.

Passivhaus is still new to the UK building industry; use our knowledge to ensure you achieve the right quality with the least risk, stress and cost.

Because our understanding is based on first principles we can apply our knowledge to a wide range of problems; we enjoy the challenge of non-domestic and unusual projects.

We work best when we can get involved at an early stage.  Optimised form and glazing is the most effective way of driving out complexity, keeping down cost and reducing design and construction time.

The services we offer will be dictated by your need; from full support to the occasional phone call we will tailor to your needs.  The first project always needs more involvement, but as you learn you’ll need us less and less.

Typically our role may involve:

  • PHPP (Passivhaus modelling software) to give sensitivity analysis and optimisation
  • Building design advice; shape, glazing, orientation etc.
  • Construction advice with regard choice of materials, airtightness & minimising thermal bridging
  • Product selection, feedback and analysis
  • Review of building services – we can also design them for you
  • Additional modelling such as thermal bridge & daylight calculations
  • Planning documents relating to energy
  • Design team support; workshops, training & more
  • Critical on-site training, support & troubleshooting
  • Aftercare

An important aspect of our work is how the building works in practice.  We will stick around to find out what works best, and to help with any issues you have.