Passivhaus Certification

Passivhaus certification


Certification provides a detailed review of the design and construction. This quality check is carried out by an experienced certifier to give confidence that the building will work as intended. This is one of the processes which sets Passivhaus apart from other low energy buildings.

We are one of the few UK based Passivhaus Certifiers working on behalf of the Passivhaus Institut, Germany. We have a wide range of experience from certifying one off self-build homes to large and complex commercial buildings.

Our Certification Service

We offer a variety of services. For experienced passive house designers we aim to provide a low cost, streamlined process.

For more complex projects or to help design teams with less experience, we can offer additional support to help you through the process. This can include early stage reviews to minimize risk and using our experience to avoid common pitfalls. Starting the certification process before work starts on site is always beneficial.

Getting a Quote for Certification

For individual dwellings please download our form here  and email it to email2 or contact us to discuss your requirements. Download a check list of information required for certification. This will include construction drawings, the PHPP model and information on components such as windows, insulation, and building services. We also recommend reading the PHI Building Certification Guide (PDF).

Why Certification from WARM

We always review building designs and ask for details of the design team’s experience before providing a quote. Our aim is to provide a helpful, bespoke service with the right level of support to suit the project needs.
To get the best chance of achieving Passivhaus we would strongly recommend using an experienced Passivhaus design team or consultant.


Please read first before calling us with certification queries.

Questions regarding the certification process?

We believe that most questions regarding single dwellings will be answered in the Passivhaus Institutes Building Certification Guide: Please look here for answers in the first instance.


Looking for a certified Passivhaus designer/consultant?

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Looking for a certified Passivhaus tradesperson?

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Looking for a quote?

Please download and complete a copy of our Quote Request Form:

Please return this together with a package of drawings.

Certified Projects