Cameron Close

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Cameron Close

Our role:

Passivhaus consultancy

Post occupancy monitoring


The project:

16 semi-detached houses and 12 sheltered apartments on the Isle of Wight.


Our focus: 

During the design and construction stages we worked closely with the Architect to optimise building form fabric performance within design constraints and manage overheating risk. During the construction phase we liaised closely with the contractor to troubleshoot any issues which arose with regard to airtightness, thermal bridging and MVHR installation.

We are undertaking detailed post occupancy evaluation of the energy use of this development over the next two years.  We have 3 dwellings where we have detailed monitoring equipment (measuring hot water, heating, gas, power, temp, humidity, CO2, water) and a further basic consumption for the remaining 25 (gas, power, water). 


The team:

The client is Southern Housing Group, the architects were PCKO, the main contractor was Stoneham Construction. Certification is by BRE.

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