Princedale Road

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Princedale Road

2011 – This project, part of the Technology Strategy Board’s (TSB) Retrofit for the Future competition, sets a milestone for low energy refurbishments in the UK. Not only does this project meet the Passivhaus Institut’s EnerPHit refurbishment standard (25 kWh/m2yr, 1.0 achr@50Pa), it meets the newbuild Passivhaus standard as well (15 kWh/m2yr, 0.6 ach@50Pa).

What is remarkable about this is that it is done within the confines of local planning policy – in a conservation area. This is done by the use of substantial amounts of internal insulation (200 PU foam) and triple glazing sash window look-alikes.

The key to the airtightness, an order of magnitude better than most UK newbuilds, lies in the way that the void between each floor has been treated. Normally this area is a nightmare for airtightness, and what is impressive about this refurbishment is the way that Phillip Proffit, of Ryder Strategies, designed the insulation package. Instead of wrapping membrane around joist buried in the external wall, he designed a steel beam (pictured) to pick up all the joist ends, shortening them so that he had a continuous three storey high void to place his insulation and OSB air barrier in, uninterrupted by the floor zones.

Other innovations include Heat Recovery Ventilation with a labyrinth running under the basement floor to preheat the external air, and the aforementioned triple glazed windows. Brilliant Рwell done all the team who were involved! See