Vacancy: Passivhaus Consultant

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Exciting news! We have a vacancy for a Passivhaus Consultant. Please see below for further details.

Passivhaus Consultant

You will be responsible for assessing and providing energy design advice for Passivhaus buildings, a key cornerstone in delivering our low energy future.

It’s not easy and doesn’t always go our way, so don’t even think of us unless you deeply care about solving the climate and ecological emergency.

We need you to challenge what we’re doing, have opinions on what next and not be afraid to tell us.  We want people who’d like to run a company like ours one day, and to take it in whatever direction feels right.

Our clients’ values align with ours; they want technical understanding of solutions that work and a team that really care.  We are interested in a lot more than compliance, always questioning the standard to make sure it is the right approach.  Supporting building work on site, testing the systems and undertaking post occupancy analysis are the methods we use to keep it real, so the changes we propose don’t just work in an Excel sheet.

We were set up by Sally and Pete in 2009, as a research project to work out what real low energy buildings look like. 11 years later we’re still here.

We have a superstar team of 8, including engineers and architectural technologists, who are all specialists and want to share thoughts and ideas with you; take Caroline, who is responsible for some of our most fabulous post occupancy research, leads the successful CarbonLite training and was the mechanical services lead for Goldsmith Street (yes name dropping).  That’s a lot, and all done with heart.  We need more Carolines, or Karls or Liams or Ingrids or Emmas!

“The shared values, mutual respect and friendship present in the WARM office provide much opportunity for discussion and collaboration and mean that you are constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of sustainable design.”
Caroline Martin

One last thing: we’re based in Plymouth.  Because we value cross-fertilisation of ideas we need you to be based here too.

What we want from you:

We are interested in all levels of experience but ideally, successful applicants would be:

  • Interested in being part of the solution. We are committed to designing truly sustainable buildings, looking at options on their merits and never scared to change our minds (just in case you didn’t get that from the first bit).
  • Inquisitive to ask your own questions and form opinions based on your own research
  • Enjoy collaborating.  We like each other! Whilst we are small, we work across the industry with others, many of which would traditionally be our competitors, to deliver the best solutions.  We want you to have fun, the people always make it.
  • Educated to degree level in engineering, science, maths or architecture related. We want you to be comfortable with numerical analysis so you can answer all our burning questions.
  • Want to teach others, both formally and informally.  There is a lot of this needed so it’s a good idea if you like telling other people about what we’re up to.

Other qualities that would be advantageous:

  • Passivhaus Designer qualification
  • Have a background in buildings, even better if you understand building thermal performance.
  • Understanding of how to calculate energy use of a building and equipment from first principles
  • Experience of using PHPP, THERM and providing design advice based on results
  • Practical experience of building
  • Experience of managing budgets and project timelines
  • Experience in designing building services such as heating, mechanical ventilation & hot water systems.
  • Able to commission mechanical services,
  • Experience of IES/TAS/CAD/Hevacomp/BIM software
  • Experience of post occupancy evaluation, monitoring and evaluation of system performance, fault finding.
  • Airtightness testing, particularly for fault finding

Please send CV and covering letter by email to with the title of the email “YOURNAME – WARM JOB”  thank you