Free advice! show us your designs and we’ll improve the energy performance

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We know how to make your buildings more energy efficient without costing you more to build (in fact a lot of our suggestions are likely to make it easier or cheaper)

Whether you’re going for full Passivhaus, or just want to make an improvement we can help.  

Why are we doing this?

We understand spending money in the early days of a project is usually at risk, but this is where the greatest impact (and true value engineering) can take place.  So we’re doing it for free, with no obligation to employ us later either.

Just send us an explanation of the project including an idea of the current energy strategy, along with any drawings, sketches or ideas that are currently on the table.

What will I get?

We will give you our top 5 design changes to improve thermal performance and comfort.  The intention will be to focus on changes that don’t impact on cost but we may stray from this if we think it’s worth it.

Send your projects toofficeemailaddress (p.s. please be kind to our inbox and use wetransfer or similar)

Please note that we can’t guarantee a time-frame, and the suggestions are not based on modelling or calculations but rather an eyeball over the scheme.  We reserve the right to not give advice, in which case we will give a reason.