About us

Warm is an independent consultancy with the theoretical and practical
 understanding to bring pioneering low energy buildings from design to reality.

WARM at Drake Island

Our vision is that the buildings we help design will still be comfortable, practical and very low energy places to live in 50 years’ time. We strongly believe in educating & sharing knowledge with everyone we work with. This is reflected in our training, but also in the way we approach our projects.

We’re always on the lookout for likeminded people to work with. If you’d like to join our team, please email your CV to email

Our team consists of:



 Peter Warm 


Peter has over 30 years’ experience in low energy buildings and is one of three practicing UK Passivhaus certifiers. He has built five of his own low energy buildings and is a Passivhaus enthusiast!

“I am fascinated by the challenge of making the theory of low energy, airtight, insulated construction work in practice. I have spent my life seeking to understand energy use in buildings so that we can live very comfortably using fewer resources.”





 Sally Godbersally

Sally’s early career as a building services engineer focussed on renewable and low energy systems for a diverse range of sectors including historic, industrial and educational buildings. Life as a services engineer was too easy-going so she set up WARM with her father Peter in 2009.  WARM is an energy consultancy providing Passivhaus design advice and certification but also dabbles in building services, training, monitoring and anything else that improves the built environment and looks interesting.  Sally particularly enjoys creating buildings with good internal comfort, preferably without extra cost.





 Caroline Martin


After having worked as a building services engineer and sustainable building consultant for Arup in London, Sheffield, Berlin & Cape Town, Caroline decided to settle in Devon, because it has great beaches and Dartmoor, and was lucky enough to come across WARM. The perfect match for her passion for building low energy buildings that actually perform and spending time close to the sea and the hills.  Caroline also acquired a Masters in Energy Studies during her time in Cape Town through undertaking a two year research project in the creation of energy benchmarks for commercial buildings.  Caroline has a particular interest in post occupancy monitoring and the interactions between buildings systems and their occupants.



liamLiam McDonagh-Greaves

After completing his degree in renewable energy, Liam spent some years in the lush, green valleys around Machynlleth, Wales. During a stint maintaining buildings at the Centre for Alternative Technology, he became interested in low embodied energy building techniques and discovered that he quite liked getting his hands mucky. Gradually, his focus switched to buildings that are low energy in use, and he experienced somewhat of a Passivhaus epiphany in 2012. He has been a proponent of the standard ever since, and became a Passivhaus Consultant in 2013. Liam still has a soft spot for buildings constructed from “natural” materials, or using traditional regional styles and techniques, as long as they are fit for 21st-century standards of energy efficiency and comfort.





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